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Hotel Torre Fiore is 15 minutes driving  from the main beaches of Marina di Pisticci with private and free lidos. Once here , upon request, we will make a reservation at the lido you will choose. 30 minutes away is the beach of Policoro, with its beautiful promenade by the beach where you can enjoy your cocktail or take a walk right in front of the sea. We offer, upon request, a shuttle service to the beach or to the nearby sites with an extra cost.

Marine of Pisticci is confirmed as a green flag for the 2021 beach season as a child-friendly beach: the Italian Pediatricians Association has awarded the Green Flag to the town of Pisticci and its wonderful beach. The acknowledgement is the result of an assessment by Italian Pediatricians on clear and shallow water near the shore, sand for towers and castles, lifeguards and lifeboats, games, spaces for changing diapers or nursing, and nearby ice-cream parlors, places for aperitif and restaurants for adults. The awards concerned 136 beaches, two of which in Basilicata. In addition to the Pisticci marina, the Green Flag has been assigned to Maratea.

Marine of Pisticci named after the most  famous local Lucana indoor, Pisticci, and is an attractive coastal resort of Ionian Sea, located just South of the mouth and of Basento river. Offers its Mediterranean climate and a sandy beach of great extension, surrounded by a magnificent pine forest, ideal for families with children here are plenty of space to enjoy relaxing days at the beach, clean sea and long sunny days.

The 3rd Cavone Beach of Scanzano Jonico owes its name to this river that flows nearby. This is a beautiful and pristine beach, with a large and long coastline of soft golden sand, bordered by green trees around that give a nice natural shade and watered by a beautiful sea, blue and clear, rich in flora and fauna. The beach is often frequented by local fisher-men, making it even more authentic.
For ragging should take the highway 106, follow to 3rd Cavone after about 2 km you will come to a pine forest where you park, then continue on foot for about 300 meters.


The Bosco Pantano Beach of Policoro is named magnificent forest which is just beyond it, which today is a testimony of great natural value, and scientific landscape of the vast plain hardwood forest that once covered much of Ionian coast. The area is currently under Site of Community Importance. The beach is a beautiful, wide expance of soft sand washed by a crystalline, so clean that there is still reproduce a few specimen of sea turtles, including the famous Caretta Caretta. To reach the beach you must take the highway 106 south, past the town of Policoro and immediately afterwards, turn left towards the nature reserve Bosco Pantano.

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