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16th Century

Torre Fiore was originally owned by the Fiore family and called the ‘Casolare di Tenuta Fiore”. It was used for strategic military purposes. It acted as protection for the farming community against invading Saracens, thieves, and brigands terrorizing Southern Italy.

Mid 16th Century

Torre Fiore was a scene of a bloody battle between citizens of Pisticci and Saracen Pirates headed by Turhud Re’Il Dragut and backed by Barbarossa. Saracen pirates seized Torre Fiore and the citizens of Pisticci’s subsequent violent campaign to regain its possession was successful. Following the raid, the Fiore family further fortified the Torre with turrets and walls for greater protection. The property grew to be a profitable livestock operation and flourishing family farming facility and residence.

at some point

The property was transferred to the DeFranchi family.

19th Century

Bands of thieves continued to terrorize the region, and these thieves used Torre Fiore as protection during their raids. Superstition surrounded Torre Fiore due to its colourful past, and ancient legends of thieves and wizardry.

Late 19th Century to 20th Century

The property was acquired by the Durante family and used as a farm and secondary residence. It was relatively unoccupied since the mid 1900s.


The Giannones, Canadians of Italian decent, originally from Pisticci, purchased the property with the intention to restore its historical structure. Renamed “Torre Fiore” in order to respect its founders, and has been re-conceptualized into a small luxury “fort” resort.


The opening of “Torre Fiore Hotel Masseria”, providing the setting for a new invasion of discerning travellers.


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