Typical Moliterno Cheese Festival in Moliterno (PZ)

The event will be held in June with a variety of products have been made with the Moliterno cheese.

Onion Festival in Francavilla sul Sinni (PZ)

Exhibition and tasting of typical products have been made with onion in Francavilla sul Sinni from the 1st to the 2nd of August.

Strawberry Day in Policoro

The weekend of 22th and 23th of May in Piazza Aldo Moro in Policoro will take place the strawberry day from collected the Metapontino.

Sausage & Food Festival in Montemilione (PZ)

On May 31st and 1st June will take place in Montemilone the edition of Sausage and Food Festival.

Lucania Flavours in Agromonte

On 2nd August there will be the unwinding of the world’s longest sausage and also taste the typical dishes of the Lucania culture.

Elder Festival in Chiaromonte (PZ)


The event will be celebrated on May 3rd in Piazza Garibaldi in Chiaromonte, a unique event of its kind, the elder has obtained the certification of product and brand recognition of the National Park of Pollino. The elder festival is the main promotion of the territory and its products so that tourists can taste the dishes.

Food Festival in Villa d’Agri (PZ)

The event will be held in the month of July

Maggio Festival in Accettura & Castelmezzano

The event will be held on May 20th in Accettura and on September 12th in Castelmezzano. Each year during the festivities in honor of St. Antonio, you can relive the rite of Maggio: The ancient union of the oak tree and its top of holly.On the morning the trunk of an oak tree is pulled by dozens of pairs of oxen, and is transported in the country where it is greeted with music, dancing and culinary delights. While a group of youths called “Cimaioli” almost as witnesses, carry on their shoulders to the top of holly. Like a bride escorted cleaves the oak in the evening only during the passage of the Saint. A long hymn to the fertility of the fields, a tradition that still to be discovered.

Strazzata Festival in Potenza & Avigliano

The strazzata is a pizza made with stuffed and fried pepper and provolone cheese; was the highlight of the wedding of the Second World War. The event will take place in Potenza and Avigliano. In addition to the stand where you can taste the Strazzata in different tastes as Strazzata with ham and provolone cheese, the omelet with peppers, strazzata with roast pork, or with chocolate etc.. Other products you can find in the festival are the Aglianico del Vulture Wine, cheeses and scarpedda Filiabo (a local product).

Wild Boar Festival in Bernalda

On August 14th in Bernalda will take place the sixth edition of the Boar Festival also you can taste home-made orecchiette pasta with boar, bread and bakery products.

Snail & Wine Festival in Irsina

The festival takes place in Irsina from the 17th to 18th August, the main protagonists of the festival are local wine, snails cooked in traditional ways, typical dishes, popular games, local crafts and folk-music.

Bean Festival in Sarconi

The Bean Festival is the most popular among those of Lucania. The event will be held from 18th to 19th August.

Ricch’tell Festival in Nova Siri

The festival will be held in Nova Siri on July 31st and August 1st will be a rich sampling of orecchiette seasoned in various ways and accompanied by a good local wine.

Lucano Ham Festival in Villa D’Agri (PZ)

The event will be held in the mounth of August.

Pizza Festival in Lauria (PZ)

Lauria Arts, Food & Taste will offer the Pizza Festival from August 20th to 23th in Via XXV Aprile.